Spiritual Song 01 
 "The Kalimah Song",
As the divine handshake between our wisdom and our soul, 
between the light form of the Shaikh and the light form of the Disciple
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Song By:
Our Dearest Loving Father
Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.)
on April, 26, 1972
1 of the 3 gifts given to us on
"The One Good Day In a 100 Years"

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Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.  In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.  Al-salam 'alaykum wa-rahmat Allah wa-barakatuhu kulluhu.  Wa 'alaykum al-salam wa rahmat Allah wa barakatuhu kulluhu.  

May all the peace, the beneficence, and the blessing of God be upon us all.  May God help us all.

My love you, my dearest brothers and sisters - Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler)

"The Original Version" - of "The Kalimah Song"
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Say it, say it, within your inner heart. With shining faith and determination, say it, say it, within your inner heart. Say it well in the state of connected faith. With determined faith and conviction, in the state of submission within the good Shaikh, you should say it lovingly. 

With determination you should say it lovingly. Say it knowing the meaning that is contained within it. You should understand it and say it well within your inner heart. 

Having seen the one expansive state, and with proper actions, seeing the states of understanding, seeing the state of ecstasy that exists within the miraculous body of yours, and the ray of expanded divine Wisdom that is there, seeing God within Wisdom and you within God, and the Guru within you, and you within the Guru, (say it). 

You within the Guru, one within the other as one, and for the Word by which they intermingle and converse, the unimaginable God. 

You have to see that Deity which is Wisdom within Wisdom. However, the Word and the Deed have to become one, and that has to merge with Wisdom, and you have to merge and become one with Wisdom. 

The Guru who is the grace within Wisdom, you have to surrender within that Guru. And the light within that light, the primal effulgence of Adi, the Guru lies in the state of our absorption within this light. 

This Word will clearly and brilliantly be explained within you. It will be clearly explained within you. 

There is a verse know as the Alhamd. Its beautiful form is the five letters. When you recite the verse focusing on its significance, it will be the beautiful letters of God. The five letters. 

Within the verse, that is know as the Alhamd, it is realized that your body, your form, your surat, exists as the 28 letters. 

It is the five letters that exist as the senses. The resonance of the words of Suratal Fatihah is that. The resonance that is said with these 125 letters, which is the cause. Each letter will be protected by the angles, jinns, and fairies. And the 6,666 verses are contained within the 5 letters of the Alhamd

The 125 letters are concealed. These 125 letters are concealed within the 5 letters of the Alhamd. The 5 letters becoming the Insan or human being, becoming the form of Insan, becoming the secret form of the Truth of Allah. 

Being hidden, being mystical, and within that concealment all of the universes and everywhere and everything, the 18,000 universes, the oceans and valleys, darkness and light, torpor, lack of Wisdom and ignorance, and Wisdom, and Wisdom within Wisdom, feeling within it, and within it awareness, and within it intellect, and within it judgment, and within it Wisdom, and within it Analytic Wisdom, and within it Divine Luminous Wisdom, and within the Divine Luminous Wisdom the Nur, and within the Nur the Omnipresent Effulgent God. 

All of this will resplend within the form of a True Man. It is contained in the 28 symbolic forms. The 28 symbolic forms are the forms of the 5 letters. And in the form everything is contained, everything is subdued within this. 

And within this, all of the explanation of seeing this world and the next exist within it. It exists as the explanation within the explanation, as resonance, as the Sirr, the subtlety and the secret, as the mysterious secret that exists in secrecy. 

It is the soul, the soul that is know as Jesus (peace be upon Him), as the ruh, spreading from the primal beginning to hereafter. It exists within a human being as life and light.

The light becomes the ruh and this becomes the form of the soul. Then life becomes the form of Jesus (peace be upon Him) which exists as the body of Grace. It will be a mystical explanation if you understand this. 

The totalities, the 124,000 wonders of the saints, lights of God, friends of God, and the messengers of God. Twirling and tossing and filling the inner heart. 

Moses (peace be upon Him) exists as the cause within the inner heart, as the meaningful analytical Wisdom, the Luminous Wisdom know as the Qutb, the Wisdom of the Word of God, within the Self, the Wisdom of Grace. 

It will become the Emperor who analyzes, discriminates, and understands. It will become the Emperor know as Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with Him) who is the Light that analyzes, discriminates, and knows. 

And Moses (peace be upon Him) who resplends as that Light, that subtle of most subtle states of Wisdom, who analyzes, discriminates, and resplends as the 10 mystical experiences, who having known the explanation of the 10 openings resplends as the 10 mystical experiences. 

It is Moses (peace be upon Him), our Wisdom, which having known all this set the light to the inner heart. 

In the Awwal or beginning of explanation it exists as light and understands true destiny. 

When that state of knowing that is know as Moses (peace be upon Him) is examined with Wisdom, it will be discovered and understood that there is nothing other than Allah. 

It will examine everything. This form which is know as the Suratal Fatihah and its 6,666 verses will become the 125 letters, the Alhamd. And for the Alhamd, the form or surat will become the Qur'an within the true human being. 

The Qur'an resplending as the 28 symbolic forms, and the 28 symbolic forms distilled into the 5 letters, will become the form of Alhamd. That is Insan. It is the form of Insan that is the surat. It will become the form of the Alhamd, the Suratal Fatihah

The state of Wisdom know as Moses (peace be upon Him) looks at this form and examines it with Divine Analytic Wisdom. It analyzes, examines, splits open the form, and examines the secrets, the mysteries, the subtleties, the secrets. 

And understanding the explanation of these things, and discarding everything else, it reveals the life that is know as the soul; Jesus (may the blessings of God be upon Him), Wisdom, and the Nur. 

And in a most mysterious way takes the two triple forms (Alif, Lam, Mimand Ya Allah, Ya Rasul, Ya Muhaiyaddeen), merges it one to the other, becoming one, the Nur, the completion. 

The one becoming completion and perfection, it becomes the Nur, the completion. 

Becoming completion, the perfection, the formless omnipresent, and standing as the One and singular Luminosity of Allah, becoming the Light within the Light, becoming the One, the Self, the One who is alone. 

There is no self, no other God, no "I", there is none other like Him. There is nothing else, no body, no life. There is then nothing in the world. 

In the Qalb and in the meaning, within and without, there is only One, Allahu. Look, they will then recite only one mantra, those three Luminosities of Truth; Life, Wisdom, and Nur standing in unison, mingled one within another, resplending as the affulgence of that mysterious Divine Wisdom, holding the primal, blissful, graceful, light of God and intermingling within the Affulgence. 

And there they will signify the One as Allah, and the cooing resonance of that Allahu is the mystery of Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon Him).

That Light will be called with your Wisdom and that Meaning will be pulled in through surrender. 

There is nothing other than Allah, and within That here is nothing equal to That. Worship will resonate only as a Word, the Light know as Allahu, the Affulgence of the Wisdom of the Nur. 

The body indeed is a mystery, and within it there was the form that entered and then separated, the luminosity that was the Nur in the Awwal or the beginning separated from it and is the form that will see God once again. 

It separated from there and will see God again. It is indeed the letters of Alif, Lam, and 
Meem, which is the state where the ruh, and the Wisdom, and the Nur become One. 

Look at this. The dual section of Dahl and Hay, which is the body and the mind, is this world. 

In a state of expansion, Alif, Lam, and Meem, and the Triple Flame that has become clear (Ya Allah, Ya Rasul, Ya Muhaiyaddeen), become the ruh, the Wisdom, and the Nur in a most mysterious Form of Grace. That Form of Grace becoming Wisdom and Wisdom becoming the Nur, and the Nur will become God. 

This dual section is the surat. It resplends in this world and the hereafter. The form of this world is the Dahl and Hay (the body and the mind), and the form of the hereafter are the Affulgence of the Resonating Luminosity of ruh, Wisdom, and Nur. 

That is the hereafter. This is the world. In this form of Alhamd they both co-exist. 

Look at this form that is know as the Alhamd. Look at it carefully and intently. Examining this form is the Suratal Fatihah. 

What is known as the Suratal Fatihah or the Holy Scriptures are the 28 symbolic forms. The Holy Scriptures are the secret of the 28 letters. Within that secret is the verse of the Alhamd. The form of the Alhamd will become the five letters, the other letters of Alif, Lam, Meem, Hay, and Dahl. 

This is the expanded explanation of the Qur'an. If you understand this it will cut the inner heart, it will resplend. 

Subhanallahi, wal-hamdu lilahi, Wa la ilaha illalahu, wallahu akbar; 
Wa la haula, wa la quwwata illa billahi, Aliyyul alzim. 

(Glory is Allah's, and all praise is Allah's, and none is God except Allah, and 
Allah is most great!  And there is no majesty or power except in Allah, and He is 
exalted, supremely magnificent!) 

This verse will slaughter and sacrifice all the satans in the inner heart. This is the Third 
Kalimah know as the Subhanallahi Kalimah, slaughtering everything that has to be slaughtered in the inner heart. 

Destroying the beasts that are there and seeing God who is Halal (permissible). These three flames will immediately enjoin with Him. You should open the Suratal Fatihah which is the most clear meaning and examine it. 

Understand the five letters of the Alhamd and know the 6,666 verses that are within. 

Understand the 125 symbolic forms that resplend within the Alhamd. Understand these 125 symbolic forms. Know that the 125 symbolic forms are the 124,000 messengers of God, Saints and Qutbs. 

There are 100 gifts of Grace from God as (His) Qudrat or Power. In the four religions of Hinduism, Fire Worship, Christianity, and Islam. The 1000 eyes of generosity will resplend as 124,000 in the Suratal Fatihah. 

That verse has 125 letters and it will manifest as 124,000, as the generosity of His messengers. That surat is most clear. 

Knowing that destiny is a requirement of our ruhSuratal Fatihah is to know, realize, clarify, and examine yourself. Look at yourself, examine yourself. Understanding yourself is the Suratal Fatihah. 

There are 1000 more who have the meaning. When the 124,000 are gone then the spectacle of the 4 religions and the 1000 Divine Generosities that resplend will be seen. 

They will be seen in the Word that is provided by Allah. That form is sent down to the surats and the generosity that fills the Grace. Hinduism is given 300 of His generosities. Fire Worship is given 300. Christianity is given 300. Islam is given 99. And 1 remains in Him. 

This generosity which is 1000 joins to become 125 letters. The 125 letters are the surat of Alhamd, and it also has this 100,000 full benedictions. 

The creation that is known as the religion of Hinduism. The fire that is known as the religion of Fire Worship. And the air that is known as the religion of Christianity. And the light that is known as Islam. These four are the four forms. 

See how this form shines. See how the four religions resplend. Within the five letters our destiny is the Alhamd. 

This is the explanation know as the Qur'an and everything is contained within this. Look at this surat of Alhamd, the Suratal Fatihah. Look at this. Open this and look. Look at the form or surat. This surat is the form of the Qur'an. 

The 28 symbolic forms and the shining moon and the sun, the stars, lightning and thunder, airs, colors, religions, separations in the world, the air, the feces, the trees, the divisions, the world, and all the substances, gold and silver - all of these are satan. 

Darkness and Grace will all resplend there. All will resplend within this form. Did you see this form? 

This form, this surat, is the explanation of the Qur'an. Did you open it and examine it? Did you see the Suratal Fatihah? The praise of Al-hamdu lillah. 

If you examined the surat and understand it clearly, it is Alhamd. Knowing that there is nothing other than Allah. Al-hamdu lillah. There is none other than You to whom praise is due. 

That surat is for all lives, and this form was made to be in Awwal, and instituted for all beings. The form was filled with Divine Grace. 

If you research this and examine it there is none other than Allah. There is only one Word which can be said after understanding that. Having know it there is only one Word to be said, only one Word. 

Oh Grace that resplends as the Guru, Wisdom that resplends as the Qutb, Light that resplends as the Wisdom, and the Word of Allahu that resplends as the Light. 

The name of Allahu. Know it and say it. Know it and say it. Examine yourself and understand yourself and say it. 

The form of the surat, the letters of Alif, Lam, Meem, Hay, Dahl that form the Alhamd
this Qalb, this form, and this body, if you open them and see you will understand, you will understand this world and the hereafter, you will understand hell and heaven, the 15 worlds, the 18,000 universes, and the Arwah (the world of the pure soul). You will understand everything. 

If you examine it and understand it there will be nothing equal to Allah, and everything will be destroyed and disappear. The only indestructible thing will be God. 

It will be Him and the ruh that resplends in Him which is Jesus (peace be upon Him). The ruh or Jesus (peace be upon Him), the soul. Moses (may the blessings of God be upon Him) will resplend as the Qutb, as Wisdom, and the Nur which resplends as the Luminosity, and its Omnipresent Affulgence, that is Allah. 

Other than that there is nothing else. It has no shadow or anything else. They will rise as the Triple Flames and be absorbed in God and the way it appeared it will disappear. 

It will be pulled into Him and with Him it will come to understand. Other than that everything else on this earth will disappear, be destroyed, be born, come to an end, be deposited in hell, and spread out in the four directions. 

You have to understand this explanation and clearly realize it, clearly realize it. 

Look at the form and say to God, who is the bell that needs no ringing, say to Him, 

"La-Illaha Ill-Allahu, La-Illaha Ill-Allahu, La-Illaha Ill-Allahu". 

There is none other than You, Ill-Allahu, You are indeed Allah. There is none other than You, Ill-Allahu, You are indeed Allah. 

One who has no beginning and no end. One who is most clear. You are Allah. Having no comparison in beginning or end, Oh Primal Allah, You are Allah. 

Merciful Ruler of the universes, who exists within us in day and night, You are Allah. One who has neither symbol or form, Oh Causal One, You are Allah. One who came as Perfection, Merciful One, Praiseworthy One, You are Allah. Oh One who creates and protects, Oh Emperor, You are Allah. 

One who exists as life within the body, providing food and nourishment, Oh Able One, You are Allah. One who understands clearly before the word is understood, Oh Able One, You are Allah. One who perceives and understands before the meaning is given. 

One who understands the imagination, You are Allah. 

One who exists as Body within the body, understanding everything, You provide the cause and the judgment, Oh Jewel of the Eye, You are Allah. One who exists as Perfection within perfection without any movement hither and thither, who exists unequaled everywhere as a Formless Omnipresence, You are Allah. 

Existing all over the earth and heaven. One whose value is greater than any jewel, Oh Causal Luminous Medicine, our Master and Creator, You are Allah. As the Eye within the eye, the Light that stood in the presence of the Eye, extending beyond the lights of the heavens, the Real Thing, You are Allah. 

As explanation and the understanding, standing beyond what was instituted as good conduct and devotion, within those that surrender to You, You are Allah. One who was success and completion and the light of exalted wisdom, as mature devotion, as One who understood, as the Omnipresent Thing, Oh Guardian Lord, You are Allah. 

As Slave among slaves, as Disciple amongst disciples, as the Humble One You perform Your Service, You are Allah. You became the here, there, and everywhere. You became the state of Omnipresence, standing beyond the heavens and earth and provided the Truth, You are Allah. 

You who perform service without prescription and judgment, without being contained in any particular explanation, without word and without deed, You are Allah. You who became everywhere and most Golden and for everything you went within as a Friend, providing Food within life, becoming the Love within ones life, becoming the Light within that love, You resplend there, You are Allah. 

As the Causal One You created, as the Perfection You provided protection, as Shree Davie You embrace us, Oh Triple Lord, You are Allah. You are within the earth and the Light, concealed and explaining in the 5 letter form, and most subtlely spreading the Light within, Oh Radiant God, You are Allah. 

One who exists in the perennial ocean, beyond the growing phases of the moon, Oh God, You are our Allah. One who has become the Thing Beyond Words, without beginning and end, the Completion residing within Love, Oh our Primal Beginning, You are Allah. 

Oh Merciful Ruler of the Universes, Oh Compassionate One, Oh Protector Who is always within, Oh Protector of the Heart, You are Allah. One without wife and without child, without birth or death, existing within the Supreme Light of Perfect Bliss, You are Allah. 

The One Who came as the Blessed Gift; La-Illaha, there is none other than You, there is none other, there is none other, Ill-Allahu, You are Allah. You are the One who lasts forever. 

You have to hold this Kalimah within and recite. You should say it with faith and determination. Say it clearly, understanding it within Wisdom. You should say it in a loving state. 

When you recite La-Illaha, you say that there is none other than God. And when you recite Ill-Allahu, you say that there is none other than You. You have to recite it definitely and clearly and proceed in the correct path. 

The Guru has described this as the only way to know God: 

"I am not. There is nothing else other than God. There is nothing else.
I am not. There is nothing else other than He, the Lord. There is nothing else.
One Who is Perfection within the Praiseworthy, Merciful One." 

You have to be definite about this always, and placing the Kalimah within your heart, you should recite the dual phrase of the Kalimah with concentration. 

When you say, La-Illaha, and push out the breath, you should push out of the Qalb desire, spectacles of the world. Push it out and leave it there. And saying, Ill-Allahu, hold Him there in. 

If you hold Him within in this way everything will be revealed. He Himself will pray to Himself. He is the One Who will be worshipping Himself. He is the One Who will see Himself. Other than Him there is nothing else. 

If you exist in this form everything will be seen as Him. When He is Himself, what else is there, what else is there that you have to see, what else must be shown to you? 

When Allah Himself is worshipping Himself, when He is seeing Himself, in that state where, "I am not, and you are not, and everything other is not", that is the state of Allahu Ill-Allahu. 

This is the path of Truth. The Truth.

"Other than This there is nothing, there is nothing". 

Say this Kalimah with Clarity and in Light, with Wise Determination and Loving Compassion. And when you say this in your Clarity and Concentration, you will know this is the Truth, this is the Truth. 

He alone may worship Him. No one else can do this. 

You cannot worship with the body. It is the Life and Wisdom united with each other, in a state of propriety mingled with the Nur, and in the concentration of that Light, that One must worship. The One has to worship the One who Is. 

That state of worship will become Him and That will be understood as That. It is this state that is deathless for which there is no rebirth. 

In that state the Word and the Worship become Him, and the Continuous light and the Wisdom and Nur become Him. That will become the Resplendent Rahmat in this world and the next. Other than This there is no other way to be the Ruler over here and there. 

My Dear Brother and My Children, if within your concentration with meaning, you can say this concentratedly, that is enough, that is enough. The physical body will be separated. In the inner section the Luminous Wisdom will shine, when you stand in the path of Wisdom and recite this meaning with Love. 

If you steady the Ill-Allahu, after that there is nothing else. There is no birth, death, or destruction, there is no rebirth after that. This meaning that exists without anything else, you have to recite it and obtain determination. 

My Children, surrendering at the feet of the Guru, knowing the word of the heart of the Guru, knowing with your wisdom and understanding with your obedience. Finding complete conviction, enter within and say the Kalimah, Ill-Allahu. 

Say, Ill-Allahu, and then say, Ill-Allahu. Recite La-Illaha and then recite Ill-Allahu, and hold steady the Ill-Allahu. 

Do not just say it in words, dare to understand it with wisdom and faith, faith in the way in which you can hold the meaning that is beyond the boundaries of the two worlds. 

Hold steady the Ill-Allahu and become it. Hold it within the Qalb and become it. 

Say La-Illaha and overcome. Say La-Illaha and discard. Say Ill-Allahu and steady Him within. Say Ill-Allahu and steady Him within. Say it without saying and stand there. 

With your ruh and with your Wisdom, vibrate and face Them, vibrate and face Them. Hold steady Ill-Allahu. 

That is the explanation in that Light. That is the Light. That is the explanation. That is the death of the world. That is the reality of the One Allahu. That is the reality. 

If the children take the meaning of this state and recite it, if that Divine Word is said without saying, that state will become the state of personal worship of God. Recite in Truth on this path.

That is the Perfection. That is the Perfection and the Word of the Shaikh, the language of your leader Allah. The form within which the ruh and the Light stand in unison. 

In Truth the Grace which stands in the form of Light. That Grace is the Resonance of Allah, and the Resonance is Allah, and you will be within it. Al-hamdulillah, Rabil alamin (All praise to God, O Ruler of the Universes). 

Know that this is the beauty of the form and recite it like that. Al-hamdulillah, Rabil alamin. 

May God bestow His Grace upon you, and through the method of this prayer, give you higher stations, gracious meanings, His form, His qualities. 

May He protect you, sustain you, and bestow His Benedictions upon you. He is the One who is the Beneficent. 

May He protect you and sustain you and open your Qalb, and explain to you the wonders and secrets that lie within your inner heart. 

May He make you in His beauty, His light, His Rahmat, His qualities, His perfection, His treasury, His Qudrat, His sun, and His grace. 

May He embrace you and take you within His own domain. Al-hamdu lillah. May He be generous, be the generous One and take you ashore. Recite this without fail. May He take you ashore. May He take you ashore perfectly. 

Upon the oath of the 124,000 divine messengers, upon the oath of His Qutbs, upon the oath of Him who is the merciful ruler of the universes, upon the oath of His angles, upon the oath of His Qudrat that is in everything, upon the oath of the Lord, the Creator who created the Qudrat and Rahmat, may He take you ashore. 

May He pardon you all your mistakes. May He pardon you all your previous mistakes and your later mistakes. May you be provided with Wisdom, and strength of Iman, and His Qudrat and Rahmat

And may He take you to the shore. Amin. Amin. 

Oh Merciful One, Ruler of the Universes, Oh Generous One, may You forebear the sins of these children, protect and nourish them, strengthen their faith, make them to be certain and convinced. 

May You raise them and take them to the shore. Amin. Amin. Please take them to the shore. Amin. 

Oh Ruler of the Universes, You are the cause of all praise. You are the cause of all Benediction. You are the One for all Qudrat. You are the protection for the ones who have been beaten, and You are the One who pardons the mistakes that have been committed. 

To forebear everything and reign above, You are the generous One. May you forebear everything. Oh Divine Protector. 

Protect My Children, make their Iman shine. Make them abstract the Truth so they may walk and say only Your name, and see nothing other than You. Open their Qalb, fill them with grace. Make wisdom to shine and dispel the darkness. 

Discard and dispel desire, the ghosts, demons, monkeys of the mind. May You provide that grace. May You bless them, nourish, and protect them. Forebear all the ancestral sins and provide them with Your Virtue. 

May You protect them, Oh Most Generous One, Oh Ruler of the Universes. Protect these Children just as You protected Your divine messengers. 

We speak Your commandments just as You told us to, but it is Your obligation to protect Your Children. You are the Emperor and it is Your duty, Your trust, Your generosity, Your trust, Your responsibility. 

You have to protect, sustain, and bless these Children, Oh Ruler of the Universes. Oh Praiseworthy Merciful One, Oh Generous One, Ya Rabbil Alameen, the One who has the generous eye, the blissful, graceful One, who conducts creations, sustenance, and nourishment. 

The blissful thing, the Primal Omnipresent Merciful One, Ruler of the Universes. Open their hearts, protect them. It is Your responsibility. Amin. Amin. 

Oh Lord of the Generous Eye, may You provide Your generosity, pardoning them for whatever mistakes they may make, and gathering them on the good path. Oh Lord who Sustains, may You protect them. Amin. Amin. 

Oh Ruler of the Universes. Other than You there is nothing. Other than Your benediction there is no other One who can provide sustenance. Here, There, and in the Hereafter, You are the Helper. 

Whatever mistakes they may make, may You open their inner hearts, provide them with grace, and gather them to You. Oh Ruler of the Universes. Oh Generous One, all praise to You, Oh Ruler of the Universes. Amin. Amin. 

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